Pre-Apprenticeship Training

Floorcovering Installer Pre-apprenticeship Training

As a proud new member of the Anishnawbe Business Professional Association, TBay Modular Floors is very excited to introduce a brand-new training program, created exclusively for Indigenous men and women interested in pursuing a career as a professional Journeyman Floor Covering Installer. It is a highly skilled trade in great demand across Canada. The training program will be three weeks in duration and will take place in all Indigenous communities interested in participating. Four trainees per program are required, with a maximum of ten training sessions being scheduled per year.
This introductory program should be considered ”Basic Training” of the floor covering industry. Participants will be taught how to prepare a floor for installation, and how to install the most popular flooring on the market. After three weeks of quality on the job instruction and training with a seasoned professional, trainees will be able to take pride in a job well done and will possess valuable new skills which could lead to a long and rewarding career. At the very least, much needed, new skills will be added to the sustainability of your community.

Floorcovering Pre-apprenticeship Full Pamphlet

Why the Program was Created

Job Opportunities

There is a serious shortage of flooring installers all across the country. In Thunder Bay alone, there is a constant back log of customers waiting six weeks to three months to have their flooring installed. This is only because there is a lack of qualified installers. On any given day you can do an online job search for flooring installer jobs in Canada, and you will find countless ads from every part of the country. Someone has to take the initiative to find a way to build a qualified workforce for everyone’s benefit. Since I do not see anyone else coming up with any new ideas, I took it upon myself to do something about it.

I need good installers to grow my business, and so does every company you can name. I am interested in hiring individuals we train, and who successfully complete the first ten-week in class phase of the apprenticeship program. To build a workforce, new people must be recruited and trained to eventually fill the nation-wide need. It had to start somewhere so after a great deal of consideration, the most universally beneficial course of action was to develop a unique program exclusively for Indigenous men and women. It makes the most sense.