Products & Suppliers

To best serve our customers, and to set ourselves apart from the competition, we have chosen to partner with a small group of World Class manufacturers and distributors who offer a tremendously diverse selection of products. Collectively they offer every type of commercial and residential flooring on the market, so there is no need to look further to find exactly what you need, at the best prices in Canada.

  • Interface Flooring – the World’s largest carpet tile manufacturer
  • Mohawk Group – the World’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential flooring
  • Nora Systems Inc. – the World’s best rubber flooring manufacturer with the best prices
  • Olympia Tile – Canada’s largest tile distributor with the largest selection and the best prices
  • Prosol Inc. – Canada’s largest flooring tools and accessories distributor with the best prices

Please visit the links on the supplier’s page for the specific types of flooring you are looking for. Our suppliers are not unique but what we buy from them is.

Interface Flooring

Mohawk Group.

Nora Systems Inc.

Olympia Tile