Tbay Modular Floors

TBay Modular Floors was created to provide exceptional quality flooring products and service to all market segments. Modular flooring consists of every type of flooring that does not come in rolls. Although we specialize in commercial projects, and sell exclusively commercial flooring, we have the expertise, experience, and product resources for all types of commercial and residential flooring projects.

While you scroll through our website you will find links to a vast array of premium quality products, all of which are sampled in our studio. We highly recommend taking samples to your home or place of business to see what they look like in your environment. Never order products based on what the colors look like online as they never look the same as the actual samples.

When people think about commercial flooring, they visualize schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and other facilities who typically have institutional looking flooring installed. Think again!

Today’s commercial flooring looks nothing like what most people think. It looks exactly the same as the most popular residential flooring products, but it’s made better, performs far better, and does not cost any more than an average residential floor.

We have no doubt you will be pleasantly surprised by what we have available and invite you to visit our studio. Please phone or email for an appointment. Our building is in 24 hour COVID lockdown so you will need to use the outside intercom to gain entry.

If your project is outside of Thunder Bay, no worries. We like to travel. We go where the work is.

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Our Studio

Our Studio

When you visit our location, you will not be overwhelmed by row upon row of sample displays from every manufacturer on the planet. When you go to the larger retail stores, by the time you finish looking through their show room everything starts to look the same and you have to start over. It can be frustrating.

In our studio we sample click style, loose lay, and glue down LVP and LVT with the latest European and North American design, colors, and produced using the newest manufacturing technology. You will see classic timeless colors and styles in wood grains, natural stone, and terrazzo, with tiles in interesting patterns, and a gorgeous selection of tiles and planks in every color of the rainbow. It is safe to say that we have the most unique selection of samples available anywhere. Even if you’re just curious, stop by for a visit. It’s not a big place but it’s very nice.

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